Monocouche Rendering Problems

Rendering Problems Northampton

Monocouche rendering is used for many reasons, and it works with different home styles. It comes in many colors, and there are a lot of choices for monocouche.

Whether you want something contemporary or more traditional, there are a lot of benefits to rendering a house. Monocouche is a relatively newcomer to British house rendering, and it's supplied in bags, ready to be mixed with water in render pump and sprayed.

Monocouche render has been in use in Europe since the 80's & 90's, since then In Britain became specified by architects on British projects spurred on by the investment of research and development by the monocouche manufacturers to make it a BBA approved building material. Once BBA approved builders and architects could look closer into render failures along side the render manufacturer to find the causes of render failures and most of the time the building was at fault-the render will mirror what's going on underneath so if the block/brick cracks so will the render. We have established that these modern renders are thoroughly tested and perform very well indeed, the problem is everything before the render has not advanced relatively, so we have great monocouche renders on poor quality brick/blockwork or poorly layed out foundations, maybe the roof went on before the blockwork had fully cured or maybe the blocks were layed in subzero temperatures. There are many reasons why the render could fail, or perhaps we should look at it another way-there are many reasons why a building can fail the render.

monocouche rendering in Northampton

How To
Prevent Cracking

The first thing to do is to stop the render from drying too fast. So, it's best not to use monocouche in the direct sunlight or heavy winds. It's best to render early in the morning when it's not humid.

The building must have movement joints in large elevations. Is the brick work or block work already showing cracks, if so replace them before the render-mesh cannot stop these cracks coming through all of the time. Are your lintels performing well? If not replace them, openings in a wall are stress points, they have effectively made the wall weak so reinforcement above and below these openings is something I always ask you to consider, there or four crack stitching bars above and below could buy you so many more years of crack free render. If your building,, have you layed mortar bed reinforcement above and below these stress points, reinforce the mortar beds with steel mesh for three courses above and below.

Materials can change during a build so it's essential to check the substrate. Using the wrong product for the substrate will cause cracking as it'll dry too quickly, we can use approved suction control systems for substrates of excessive suctions.

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